Property Damage From Rain Water

Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the US, and accounts for around $11 billion dollars in damages annually.  Water damage from rain can have devastating effects on homes,  and can quickly cause damage after even minimal rain. Water damage can ruin a homes contents, and cause costly closures for repairs. When people think of rain damage they usually assume from the roof, but keeping a properly maintained roof is only part of protecting your home from water damage.

Here are a few prevention tips to ensure safe runoff:

  • Regularly inspect all drains designed to handle water runoff and clean them if necessary.
  • Monitor your driveway for standing water. Standing water is tell-tale sign that water is not draining properly.
  • Gutters are designed to collect water runoff from the roof and carry it to the down spout. To be effective, gutters should be routinely inspected and cleaned. If a down spout becomes clogged it will not effectively carry water and this will cause an overflow. This overflow will either cause water damage through the roof, or the water will spill over and collect along side the building and potentially seep in from there.
  • Down spouts can cause water damage issues as well if they are not properly used and inspected. Down spouts are designed to take the water from the gutters and carry it away from the home. One common issue with down spouts is they can become clogged and cause the water to back up or leak out of a seam. During rain storms it is advisable to check to make sure the water is running easily out of the down spout. Also, make sure that once the water leaves the down spout it is channeled away from the building. If water is collecting at the end of a downspout it is a good idea to add an extender or dig a trench to ensure the water runs away from the building.



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