Preparing Your Home for Holiday Parties

Tis’ the season for Holiday parties, gatherings, and get-together’s.  Being the host or hostess for such gatherings can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Not only do you want your guests to enjoy themselves and be entertained, but you want your home to reflect the clean organized person that you are.  So here are some ideas for cleaning your home to help keep you stress free and enjoying your party!

Make a plan.  Write down what rooms in your home that guests will be using.  If you don’t plan to go upstairs, then you don’t want to spend majority of your time cleaning those spaces.  Instead focus on the area of your home that you know guests will be using (downstairs bathroom, kitchen, family room, etc.)

Start at the front of your home and work your way back.  Clean from the front entry of your home all the way to the back of your home.  That way you will hopefully hit all the places in your home that guests might see.

Don’t forget the small spaces.  Be sure to clean out your coat closets and make space for your guests belongings.  You may also want to remove any personal items that you wouldn’t want your guests to see.

Remove clutter.  Instead of just cleaning around the clutter, try removing it all together.  To some people clutter = dirty.  You want to eliminate as much of it as you can in the areas where guests will be visiting.

Add your own personal touches.  Don’t forget to add your own special touch.  From specific decor that you love to display each year to a favorite Holiday candle, adding those touches will make your home feel even more welcoming to your guests.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We can almost guarantee that your friends and family will be more than willing to help you clean and prepare for your Holiday party, so don’t be afraid to ask!

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