Outdoor Projects for the Entire Family

Warmer days mean more time spent outdoors with your family!  Do you ever struggle with finding activities that will a.) interest your kids and b.) actually make them want to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and make something useful and fun?  We have some great activities that your entire family will enjoy participating in.  Whether it’s something you do this Spring Break, this summer, or on the weekends we promise everyone will have fun!

Istock outdoor projects blog 3.30.16

Homemade Bird Feeders:

You can pretty much make a bird feeder out of anything!  From pine cones to food to old plastic containers, this activity is inexpensive and easy!  This is a great site we found that has 32 different ideas for making a bird feeders at home.  This is not only a fun activity for kids, but they will also learn the importance of helping out your feathered friends and hungry squirrels.  Now the hard part is deciding which idea to try!

water-bottle-bird-feeder Blog 3.30.16

Plant a Garden:

  • Start from a packet of seeds.  Sunflowers will wow your kids at how fast they grow.  Let your kids keep track of their growth with measuring sticks.
  • Plant potatoes.  These buried treasures make digging in the dirt a lot more fun.
  •  Give them space to call their own.  Give them a spot in the garden or even a container to plant as they please.
  • Make pizza.  Have your kids plant a garden for the food they love, such as pizza or salsa.  Many pizza toppings such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil, oregano, and parsley call for similar growing conditions, so you can put them in the same patch of dirt.

Istock Gardening blog 3.30.16

Make a Garden Caterpillar:

This garden caterpillar will look great in your kid’s garden, and it will be a ton of fun for them to make.

how-to-make-a-rock-caterpillar blog 3.30.16

Backyard Chalkboard:

 This might be our favorite activity!  Just think how much fun kids will have coloring on their giant chalkboard!  And the best part is, no mess indoors for you to clean up!


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