New Homes Vs Preowned

Greenwood Exterior LP 681  predicted in 2015 that Charlotte, NC would be one of the hottest markets for home buyers and sellers in the new year, and they were right.  2016 has proven to be an amazing year for realtors and home builders alike.  Should you buy a preowned home or build a new home with a custom builder?  Obviously our vote goes to new custom homes, and here are a few reasons why……

We think the most obvious reason for buying a new home is exactly that, it is a new home!  No one has bathed in your tub or used your toilet, you are the first!  There is no better feeling than owning something brand new.

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The price you pay now for your new home vs. the cost over time on a preowned home.  You never know what you are truly getting when you buy a used home.  If you have ever watched those shows on HGTV such as Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper, then you know what we are talking about!  Mold behind walls, incorrectly installed plumbing, or even worse, you find asbestos in your home!  Buying a preowned home really is a gamble, you never know what you have bought until it is too late.

A new home is designed to be better suited for today’s lifestyle.  Energy efficient windows, better insulation, structured wiring systems, and better kitchen appliances make for an overall better quality home. Visit ENERGYSTAR’s website to learn more about the advantages of an ENERGY StAR home.

Customization and design are probably at the top of every home buyers want list.  Your new home is a reflection of you and your lifestyle, not someone else.  We build your dream home from the ground up, and you are apart of the entire custom process.   Why settle for a home that you like, when we can build you one that you absolutely love!

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