Moving With Kids

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Moving can be a hard time in any child’s life.  They may be leaving the only home they have ever known, or they could be leaving friends and having to change schools.  The most important thing to remember when moving your kids is to keep them informed and in the loop, and of course make moving fun and exciting!  Here are some tips to help smooth out the moving process.

Let them be involved in the process.  If they are old enough, let your kids tag along to home visits or design center appointments.  Ask for their opinions and get their input on your home selections.  Make them feel like they have contributed towards the building or selection of your new home.

Don’t keep them in the dark.  Let them know from the beginning exactly why you are moving.  Is it for a new job, which could mean more money for your family, which in turn could lead to a better life for them?  Perhaps you are moving so they can attend a better school, or so dad is closer to work.  Closer to work equals more time dad can spend at home instead of in the car.  Whatever the reason for the move is, be honest and upfront about it with your kids.

Let your kids de-clutter their things.  Have them purge and donate items they no longer play with or clothes that may no longer fit.  Make a bargain with them, for every 3 items they donate, they can get 1 new item in its place.

Take time to learn about your new home.  If you live close by, take trips to show your kids the fun and exciting things that your new town has to offer.  You can always go online and give them a tour of their new community as well.

Get them excited about their new spaces.  Just like we mentioned above, let your kids be involved in the design process of their new bedroom or bonus room.  Let them choose the paint colors, or the tile in their shower.  Getting your kids excited about their new spaces will help make moving more exciting and fun.

So remember, the best way to make any new transition fun and exciting is to keep your kids involved.  The last thing you want is for your kids to feel left out or alone throughout this new adventure!

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