Landscaping 101


Landscaping is the first thing people will notice when walking up to your home.  Landscaping can either enhance the curb appeal of your home, or it can hurt the curb appeal of your home.  Here are a few landscaping guidelines that can help boost your curb appeal and help keep your home from being “that house” in the neighborhood.

  • Do not neglect the front yard!  Just because the backyard is where you spend majority of your time, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about the front.
  • Neglecting your lawn maintenance.  Don’t forget that grass needs to be mowed and hedges need to be trimmed.  Don’t be that neighbor with the eye sore front yard and bushes that are spilling over onto the sidewalk.
  • Too much landscaping around your home can cause the interior to feel darker.  You want to always make sure that trees and hedges are trimmed and not blocking any windows.
  • Excessive lawn ornaments are another no!  Sure a few lawn decorations are cute, but don’t over do it.  Too many decorations can take away from the landscaping that you have worked so hard on.
  • Over landscaping can also be expensive!  The upkeep, water bill, and time spent are all factors that can add up to one hefty bill.  In this case we believe less can definitely be more.
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