Items every new home buyer needs

You are now the proud owner of a brand new home.  You no longer have a landlord taking your money, which also means you no longer have someone to call when your home has an issue.  There are certain items we feel every new home owner should have.  From a grown up tool box to a hand-held vacuum, this list is a must read if you just purchased your first home.

Emergency contact list:  In all of our homes you will find a list of vendor contact numbers.  From the heating and air contractor to the plumbing company who helped build your home, it is important to have these phone numbers near by!

An adult tool box:  Hanging curtains, putting together furniture, hanging mirrors, photos, and artwork, all require a good set of tools.  Now is time to invest in heavy duty tools.  A drill, various sized nails, screws, screw drivers, a stud finder, picture hanging tools, and a level are all good items to keep in your tool box.

A hand held vacuum:  When you hang curtains in your new home you will have to use a drill to hang the rods, this can be a very messy task. Having a smaller hand held vacuum will make clean up faster, and a smaller vacuum is easier to carry up and down the stairs!

Touch up paint:  There is going to be some chipped paint or scuff marks on the wall when you move into a new home.  No matter how careful you are, those dreaded black marks are inevitable.  Already having the paint color to match your walls will save you time and energy.  The same goes for your kitchen cabinets.  Having a touch up kit to fill in scratches will help keep your home looking brand new.  We leave you both of these things when you move into one of our new homes!

Extension cords:  Trust us you will want to invest in one or two of these!  A lamp that needs to be plugged in across the room, stairs that need to be vacuumed, trying to vacuum out your car, you will need an extension cord to help complete these tasks!

Hose:  A hose is one of those items that can easily be overlooked by many homeowners.  From keeping your lawn watered to cleaning off your driveway, a hose is an important item to have at your new home.

A Ladder:  When you are hanging pictures or trying to unpack and organize the top shelf of your new pantry, having a ladder close by will be very convenient.  Even having a step stool will be beneficial.

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