How to kick those post Holiday blues


Getting back into the swing of things after the Holidays is tough, especially if you took additional time off.  Finding motivation at work, struggling to get back into your normal every day routines, or even finding the motivation to simply take down the Christmas tree can all be a challenge.  So here are a few tips to help get you back on track and ready for the start of 2018!

  1.   Find new things to look forward to.  For many of us, from mid-November until January, your weekends are filled with Holiday parties and celebrations, there is always some event to look forward to.  Now with all celebrations coming to an end, it can be hard to accept that there are no more planned fun events in your future.  This is where you need to make things to look forward to.  Start planning your next vacation (even if it is in the very distant future), start thinking about upcoming birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day, night out with friends, etc.  Any fun event that you might be celebrating, go ahead and put it on the calendar.
  2. Get back into your routine.  If your normal routine includes the gym, make sure you keep it up (or get back in there).  Get back into cooking dinner at home with your family instead of eating out every night.  Getting your entire family back into their “normal” every day routines will not only help you the parent, but it will help your kids prepare for going back to school as well.
  3. Give yourself time to adjust.  If you traveled over the holidays, make sure you give yourself a day or two to adjust before you have to head back to work.  You will appreciate having a day to unpack, unwind from traveling, and just mentally prepare for the big day back to work.
  4. Make a to-do list.  If you start to feel overwhelmed with all the work waiting for you back at the office, make a list.  Having a list of what needs to be done as soon as you get back and what can wait a few days will help you feel more organized and ready to check those items off!
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