Home Decorating Mistakes Everyone Makes

white leather sofa

1.  The looks good, feels uncomfortable piece of furniture:  Just like the stiletto heel, beautiful but so impractical .  No matter how good looking something is, if you can’t relax on it, it’s not for you.

2.  The overly trendy piece:
It looked amazing in the store window and designer magazine, but in your house?

3.  The wall color you didn’t test:
There is nothing worse then painting an entire room and then realizing that with your lighting, wall texture, and furniture, it looks nothing like it did in the can.

4.  The “dream lifestyle” purchase:
The oversized table when you never actually entertain.  Or the wall sized TV when all you really do is read in  your living room.  Buy for the lifestyle you have, not the one you think you might have.

5.  The quick fix:
Buying on impulse because you just want to finish furnishing a room, instead  of researching and shopping around.

6.  The disastrous DIY:
But it looked so good and easy on Pinterest!



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