Granite vs. Quartz Counter tops



Granite counter tops vs. Quartz counter tops, what is the difference in the two?  Which one is better, more durable, less maintenance?  Here is our breakdown of these 2 very popular stones.

Granite counter tops are mined from pure stone.  The stone is sawed into slabs or made into tiles, making them 100% natural.  Quartz counter tops are manufactured from crushed Quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resign as a binder, making them an engineered stone.


Since Granite is the most recognized of the two, lets start there.   Granite is 100% natural and is mined from quarries all over the world.  Appearance wise, no 2 granite slabs are the same (just like a snowflake)!  Because of the cooling and solidifying of molten materials, granite comes in many different colors and patterns.  So whether you are looking for a granite that blends well with your kitchen, or one that really stands out, we are sure you will find just what you are looking for with Granite.

The maintenance with Granite is fairly simple, however, to ensure the longevity of your counter top, you should consider resealing them once a year.  Resealing your counter tops will also help prevent any stains from occurring.  (Granite is a porous stone and any spills left untouched for periods of time can leave a stain).


Quartz is an engineered stone, meaning it is not 100% natural.  Quartz counters are about 95% ground quartz and 5% polymer resins.  Appearance is one of the main reasons that Quartz has become so popular.  With Granite you may have to search for that perfect colored slab, and with Quartz since it is engineered, finding that perfect color combination is a lot easier.

There is one big difference between the two and that is the maintenance.  Unlike Granite, Quartz counter tops do not have to be resealed.  Quartz is a harder stone than Granite, which in turn makes it more durable as well.  It is also not porous like Granite making it basically indestructible.  Another huge difference in the two is their resistance to damage.  While Granite is heat resistant (you can stick a hot pot directly on your granite), Quartz is not.


We offer both Granite and Quartz counters in our Design Studio, and like we stated above there is always going to be pros and cons to both.  In the end it is all about personal preference, and we are sure you will find a counter top that you love in our Design Studio.

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