Garage Cleaning Tips

Father Organising Teenagers Clearing Garage

1.)  Set realistic goals:  Is your garage cleaner than before you started?  If you answered yes than you are on the right track.  Remember you don’t have to have your entire garage cleaned in one day.  A garage is a large space, so take steps to getting it more organized and clean.

2.)  Make a list:  Take inventory.  Write down exactly what items are in your garage, that way you can start to sort items into keep, give away, or trash piles.

3.)  Plan a day to start:  If you don’t schedule a cleaning day then chances are you will keep procrastinating and never start.  So mark it on your calendar and ask your family members to pitch in.

4.)  Sort what is left into categories:  Once you have narrowed it down to a pile full of keep items, go thru and start categorizing items.  For example, tools, cleaning products, yard supplies, etc.

5.)  Purchase some type of storage setup:  Storage cabinets and wall mounted storage are a great investment, and will make a huge difference in keeping your garage clean and organized.

6.)  Keep it up:  Don’t let all of that hard work be for nothing!  It is important to put items back in their designated spots, give the space a good sweep at least once a month, and remember your garage is not your personal hoarding spot!

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