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Total Living Area:  2590-3397 Square Feet

Floorplan Type: Single-Level

Bedrooms:  3

Bathrooms:   2.5

Building with Niblock is an experience we’re sure you’ll enjoy. The end result is your ideal home. And building it for you would be our pleasure.

Grayson Description

Total Living Area: 2590-3397 Sq Ft

Style: Single-Level

Bedrooms:  3

Bedrooms:  2.5

Garage: Yes

The Grayson is an inviting three-bedroom Ranch style home.  The open concept is perfect for empty nesters and families alike.  This is the ideal entertaining home.

This Floorplan is available in:

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"It was very refreshing to work with true 'team players'; outstanding folks that made our Niblock home every bit of what we hoped it would be."

Joe Smith

"Niblock worked to transform a home that has become our dream house."

Larry and Ginny