Dream Laundry Rooms

The Laundry Room, the place you go to get grass stains off of your kids jeans, where you iron your work suits, and more importantly it is the room you need to keep everyone in your family looking good and smelling fresh.  We think most moms (dads too) can agree that their laundry room is one of the most important spaces in their home.  So here are some custom features that will make your life easier and help keep you organized!

  1.  A barn door.  Barn doors are very popular right now, and what better way to close off your laundry room then with one.  We love how this homeowner chose to use a barn door for their laundry room as well as their master closet.
  2. And that brings us to design feature #2, allow your laundry room to have easy access to your master bedroom.  Trust us on this one.

Laundry room Blog Post photo 2

3.  Cabinets to hide cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous items.  In a room designed specifically for cleaning, you are bound to have supplies laying around.  Built-in cabinets are the perfect place to store and hide these items from view.  Also if you have small children you know how important it is to place cleaning supplies up high out of reach and out of sight!

Laundry room blog post 4

4.  A sink.  The last thing that you are going to want to do is wash your kids dirty clothes in your bathroom sink, or even worse in your kitchen sink!  Adding a sink to your laundry room is always a smart idea.


5.  Pull out drawers and a hanging bar.  You have a pull out waste basket in your kitchen, so why not use that same concept but use it as a pull out laundry basket.  You can always use a place to air dry clothes, so why not save space by placing a hanging bar between your cabinets!

Laundry Room blog post 1

6.  A folding table.  Having a large table to fold clothes on sure beats a large pile on your bed!


We know that doing laundry is a chore, but we hope with these design features this chore will at least be a little more enjoyable!

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