Design Trends in 2015 vs. 2016

2015 was the year of dual master suites, open floor plans, free standing tubs, and all white kitchens.  And while those trends are still holding strong for 2016, there are a few new ones to add into the mix.

 free standing tub blog 2.17.16

So what do we have to look forward to in 2016?

Formal dining rooms are making a comeback!  More homeowners are now opting to keep their formal dining rooms instead of converting them into media rooms or offices.  Not only is your dining room the perfect spot to entertain guests, but it can also be that wow factor that everyone sees when they walk thru your front door.

arlington Dining room

Sure the whites and greys are still huge this year, but so is mismatched cabinetry!  And this is no extra charge in our Design Studio!  We love the look of a dark colored island paired with lighter cabinets.  We are also seeing the trend of having your top cabinets one color while the bottom cabinets are another.  While it looks great, it can be hard to accomplish this look.  When you have a tall cabinet such as your refrigerator cabinet or your double oven cabinet, what color do you choose then?  That piece has to be 1 color, so do you make it the top cabinets color or the bottom?  Just something to keep in mind!

Statement bathroom mirrors have always been one of our favorite design trends.  You can walk into just about any TJ Maxx or Marshalls and find tons of  gorgeous mirrors.  This trend will add character to any bathroom in your home!  Plus we will credit you back for the glass that you eliminated!

master bath

Bidets, yep they are trending for 2016, and we have actually installed quite a few in our homes.

Bidet image. blog 2.17.16

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