Decorating for the Holidays

Families start decorating for the Holidays earlier and earlier, and we completely understand why.  There is just something about Christmas decor that brings a smile to your face, and what better way to spread Holiday cheer then with decorations!  Buying new Christmas decorations each year can really start to add up.  So here are a few ways to save money on Holiday cheer this year!

  1. Use what you have:  Try to incorporate you homes color scheme into your Holiday decor.  If your home is predominantly filled with blue hues for example, then choosing colors that pair well with blue will help keep your home looking more cohesive.  Of course you can’t go wrong with silver and gold decor, they pair well with most any color.
  2. Festive tableware:  A good way to decorate your dining areas (without going overboard or breaking the bank) is to use festive place settings.  By using festive plates, napkin holders, a table runner, and candles, you can really create the perfect holiday table setting.
  3. Switch out your candlesticks:  One of the easiest ways to add holiday cheer is a candle.  Not only will they add a festive look to your space, but they will also put you in the spirit with their Christmas smells!
  4. Decorate your fireplace:  If you have a wood burning fireplace in your home that you do not use often, consider filling that space with a giant poinsettia this year, but just remember they can be toxic to pets if ingested!
  5. Add flare to your chandelier:  Don’t waste those tree trimmings, instead weave the left overs into your dining room light fixture for an added festive touch.
  6. Give old decor new life:  There is no need to buy new decor every year.  Instead try giving old decor new life with a fresh coat of paint (spray paint works wonders), a new ribbon, or even place the decor in a new room in your home this year.

However you decide to decorate your home this year, just remember that a little bit of Holiday cheer can go a long way!

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