Custom Design Touches

We absolutely love the reaction that we get from home buyers when they learn that the cabinet color they choose in their kitchen can be different from the cabinet color that they choose in their bathrooms.  They especially jump for joy when they learn that this is free of charge!  Many other home builders either will not give you the option of different colored cabinets, or they will charge you for this change, but not us!  As long as you stay in the same cabinetry level, you can customize each room with different colored cabinets!

And what a difference this will make in your home!!

Here we chose the stone painted finish in our Greenwood Inventory’s kitchen.

Greenwood LP 681 Kitchen blog 6.30.16

For the master bathroom we chose white with pewter glaze.

Greenwood Master Bath blog 6.30.16

Or how about an all white kitchen with a dark colored island?  The dark is a great contrast to the all white cabinets.

Did you also know that you have the option of choosing different colored granite as well?  As long as you once again stay within the same level of granite selections you can mix and match as you please!

BF model blog 6.30.16

Moving walls and adding square footage are all part of the custom home building process, but the custom design touches that you put in your home are what make your home stand out.

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