Cleaning Your Home After an Illness

Flu season is in full swing, and this year it’s proving to be one of the worst seasons to date.  If you or a family member has been unfortunate enough to encounter this nasty sickness, then you know how important it is to fully sterilize your home after being quarantined for days on end.

So here are some tips for sterilizing, sanitizing, and getting rid of those nasty germs that might still be lingering in your home.

Step 1: Gather all of your cleaning materials.  Here is a quick guide on what you might need……

  1.  Disinfectants –  Wipes or sprays, the choice is yours.  We recommend using both.  Or if you prefer to make your own green cleaners that works too.
  2. Cleaning clothes and gloves.
  3. Essential oils – Here is a guide to what oils are best to use when cleaning and sanitizing your home.
  4. Steam cleaners – Steam cleaners are great for loosening and dissolving dirt and grime.  It also kills majority of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

Step 2:  Let sunlight into your home.   Nothing makes you feel better than natural sunlight and fresh air.  So pull all of your blinds up and crack a window before getting started.

Step 3:  Time to get to work.  All of your prep work is done, and it is now time to get to it.

  1.  Gather up all items that could have been infected while you were sick.  Items like pillow cases, sheets, blankets, clothes, can be thrown into the wash.  Make sure you treat any stains beforehand.
  2. After stripping your bed of all sheets and blankets, let your mattress air out.  If at all possible, leave blinds open and windows cracked.  You can even spray certain disinfectant sprays directly onto your mattress.  Just be sure to let your mattress fully dry before putting any sheets back on.
  3. On to the bathroom.  Chances are you spent a good chunk of your sick days in your bathroom.  The steamer that we mentioned in step 2 is a great tool to use in here.
  4. Your toothbrush, toss it!
  5. Don’t forget your kids stuffed animals and toys.  Soft plush toys can be tossed into the wash, but for hard toy pieces you will need to take the time to individually disinfect these.  Wipes work great for this.
  6. Miscellaneous surfaces and objects.  Remotes, door knobs, handles, electronics, cell phones, computers etc. need to be sterilized as well.

We hope with the help of these cleaning tips that your household will stay healthy and germ free from here on out!

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