Best Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

The first thing that majority of people must do before building their new Niblock home, is sell their current home.  Here are  few tips that will help you make sure your home is ready for the market.

1.  Half empty closets:  Storage is something every buyer is looking for and the one thing that you can  never have enough of.  A good tip to remember before showing your home is to remove half the stuff out of the closets, and then neatly organize what is left in there.

Arlington Closet

2.  Light it up:  After location, good lighting is the one thing that every buyer cites that they want in a home.  Take down the drapes, clean the windows, change the lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs and cut the bushes outside to let the light shine in.

2 story family room, Windsor

3.  Find a good agent:  Make sure your agent is totally informed, constantly monitors MLS, and knows what properties are going on the market and knows the comps in your neighborhood.

4.  Conceal your four legged pets:  Not everyone is a dog or cat lover (shocking I know).  Buyers don’t want to walk in and see a bowl full of dog food, or smell the cats litter box or have dog hair stuck to their pant leg when they leave.  Keep your pets out of your home as much as possible before any potential buyers stop by.

5.  Take the home out of the house:  Depersonalize your home.  You want a potential buyer to be able to envision their family living there, which can be hard to do if all they see are your family photos.  Make sure to stage your home by arranging the furniture to best showcase the floor plan and maximize its space.

2 story Family Room. Arlington plan.

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