Benefits of a Basement

We can never quite figure out why basement home sites are usually the last lots to go.  With so many benefits and uses for a basement, we aren’t sure how you could live without one.

LP Arlington basement kitchen

Storage.  Having a basement, finished or unfinished, will create additional storage to your home. In the photo above, this basement home includes a living area, full kitchen, full bathroom, a bedroom, and still has an unfinished section that is perfect for storing miscellaneous items.

A place for the kiddos to go.  A basement is a great hangout spot for the kids.  Many of our homes offer bonus rooms, but when you opt for a 2 story family room, that can sometimes eliminate that extra space.  With a basement you get the best of both worlds, your 2-story family room as well as a place for the kids to play and watch TV.  Win win!

KF Model basement

A guest suite, in-law suite, or a place for your college grad to live (temporarily of course).  Building a home with one of our basements, is like having a separate apartment in your home.  You have the option of adding a full functioning kitchen, a full bathroom, and even a separate bedroom.  We do have to warn you, more and more kids will want to return home after graduation if this is where they get to live.  Since a basement can essentially be a separate living space, this is a great option if your parents or in-laws need to move in with you.  They will still have their privacy and independence, but will be close by just in case!

LP Arlington Basement Bedroom

The man-cave.  What better place to send your husband and his friends during football season, than down stairs to their own separate space.  And with a full kitchen, they will have no reason to bother you upstairs!

KF model basement kitchen

Growing room for your family.  An unfinished basement is a great solution for those of us who want the extra space, but can not afford to finish the basement right now.  An unfinished basement is also a great option for the family that plans to stay in their home for many years to come.  When you built your home your may have only had 1 child.  With an unfinished basement, as your family starts to grow your home will be ready to grow with you.

Lucky for you, we have basement home sites available in all of our communities.  If you would like to take a tour of our basements click here.  Or view our entire basement gallery here!

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