Bedroom Items You Should Never Throw Out

Keeping these 4 items when you declutter will not only keep you from experiencing regret, but it will also make decluttering easier for you.


  • Sentimental Items.  Decluttering these items might feel impossible, that is why experts suggest you leave them be.  Instead, find a way to display or store them safely so you can cherish them for years to come.

  • Hangers.  You declutter your closet and get rid of a lot of clothing.  Your first instinct is to toss the extra hangers.  However, more than likely you are just going to go out and fill your closet back up with new items over the next couple months.  So, keep the hangers by either leaving them hanging in your closet, store them in a basket, or repurpose them and hang scarves, belts, or purses from them.

  • Storage baskets and bins.  We love a good basket.  They are a great versatile storage solution that both looks good and can corral a number of different items. Blankets, pillows, off-season clothing just to name a few.  The best thing about a basket is that you can store them inside of each other until you need them again.

  • Single socks.  Does it seem like after every load of laundry, you always end up with a single sock with no match?  Instead of tossing these socks, place them into a designated bin.  At the end of the week when all of your laundry is done and put away, pull out the bin and see if you can match it.

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