A Niblock Homes Homeowner Testimonial

We recently had an Ashlyn Creek homeowner post an amazing testimonial on one of our Facebook Ads.  This family has lived in their home for 3 years now, and they still love their home and community just as much as day 1!


“We have a beautiful Niblock home in Ashlyn Creek and couldn’t be more thrilled. With Niblock and Ted building our home we were completely stress free. Everything was done on time and to perfection. Did you know, Niblock has teams, specialists in their field, to do each project? A framer does your framing, a dry wall team does their work, tile guy? Painter? Absolutely! They come when it’s their time, too! We have had builders with just one team- some sharing roles, doing a less than spectacular job in their lesser experienced area. Niblock brings in teams who do their job well- and they leave your home beautifully executed. Even 3 years later, home settling has been minimal, “new home hiccups” taken care of promptly and with the same contractor who did the work and, most importantly, the Niblock family is welcoming and accommodating to each family. We felt our build was equally as important to them as the homes $200,000+ more than ours and were taken care of, equally.
The neighborhood is quiet and wooded, yet friendly and so much fun! The pool is hopping on opening weekend, but quiet and relaxing most every other through the season!
We love Ashlyn Creek to raise our family and still have the quiet beauty of the trees and stars and we appreciate Niblock for our beautiful, high quality home!”

Aerial view of Ashlyn Creek Community POol

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