7 overlooked places in your home that you forget to clean.

Your Thanksgiving guests have come and gone, and you will now spend the next few days cleaning up where your guests have stayed.  Now is a great time to go one step further with your cleaning and clean those overlooked spots.  You know those places in your home that you either forget to clean or you try to clean around it so you don’t have to move it.  Here is our list of 7 of the most common overlooked places in your home that you forget to clean.


Under the couch:  It’s big and it’s heavy, and it usually is impossible to move on your own.  For those reasons alone, many of us simply vacuum around the couch.  Just think about all of the dirt, dust, pet hair, food, etc. that gets shoved under your couch on a daily basis.  At least once a month, it is a smart idea to move the couch, clean under it, and then move it back.

Curtains:  You wash blankets and throws, so why wouldn’t you wash your curtains?  They collect dust and pet hair too, especially if your curtains reach the floor and then some.  Most curtains are machine washable, and if they are not, a simple trip to the dry cleaners will do the trick.

Coffeemaker:  Whether you have a simple coffee pot or a fancy Keurig, you still need to clean them regularly.  No good morning started with a cup of mold.

Trash cans:  Taking the trash out is sometimes not enough to remove bad odors and smells.  You need to thoroughly scrub the can, rinse it out, and disinfect it.

Ceiling fans:  When your ceiling fans are not running, dust will collect on the blades.  The easiest way to clean your  blades is to take a pillow case, place it over the blade, and then pull the case towards you.  This will prevent dust from flying everywhere.

Shower curtains:  Especially the liner of your curtain needs to be cleaned regularly.  You can place these in your washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

Light switches, door knobs, and handles:  Think about how many times a day you touch these things in your home.  You should wipe these areas down with a Clorox wipe at least weekly, maybe even more during flu season.

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