6 Foolproof Decorating Tips

1.)  Set the tone at the front door.  What better way to make a great first impression then with the front door.  Screen doors feel dated, get rid of them or replace them with a storm door with full length glass!

Kensington Forest Arlington Model HOme

2.)  Keep wall colors light and neutral.  Sticking with light wall colors will help keep the flow of your home, you want to minimize the jarring transitions.  Neutral walls not only give you the most decorating flexibility, but they also allow you to easily switch up your accessories.

FAmily Room

3.)  Make sure your sofa “talks” to your chairs.  Just like in a hotel lobby, the furniture is arranged in groupings.  When you place your living room furniture, aim for a similar sense of balance and intimacy.

Family Room Ashlyn Creek Model

4.)  Let the sun shine in.  A naked set of windows s better than ugly outdated drapes.  Ideally window treatments should be functional and elegant.

Guest bedroom

5.)  Hang at least 1 mirror in every room.  Mirrors  make your space feel brighter because they bounce light around the room.  Try placing mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them.

Breakfast Room Kensington Forest Model

6.)  Scale artwork to your wall.  Tiny art hung too high on the wall looks ridiculous.  The middle of the picture should hang at eye level.  Don’t space the pictures too far apart, 2-4 inches between them looks best.

Breakst fast room Kensington Forest Model

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