5 Tips on Keeping Your Closet Organized

There is nothing more frustrating in the morning then when you are trying to get ready and you can not find a certain article of clothing, or the match to your shoe.  We have come up with 5 tips that will help you keep your closets organized and your mornings a little less stressful.

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1.)  Clear it out:  If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it.  Also if it doesn’t fit you well, toss it.  Instead of hanging on to those skinny jeans in hopes of loosing a few pounds, donate them.  Then when you do reach your goal weight you can treat yourself.

2.)  Measure your space:  Know what you’re working with.  Once you have cleaned out your wardrobe, assess the overall layout of your closet.  Measure the space that you  have including backs of doors, floor space, interior walls, etc.  Use every inch of your closet.  There are great storage bins and closet organizers out there, and with your measurements in hand you can easily find what will fit your space.

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3.)  Invest in hangers:  Using the right kind of hanger for certain types of clothing is important.  There is nothing worse then when your hanger leaves the shoulders of your blouse stretched out.  Once you do this, then you can coordinate your wardrobe.  Color, clothing type, work or play are just a few organizational examples.

4.)  Sort sweaters:  Always fold your sweaters.  Hangers will only ruin their shape.

5.)  Eye level:  Keep items that you use or wear frequently at eye level and easy to reach.  Placing seasonal items in storage boxes will make it easy to rotate them when the seasons change.

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