5 Things in Your Bathroom You Should Clean Everyday

Spa shower


1.)  Sink:  Cleaning  your sink is a pretty easy task.  Wiping out your sink each day after you finish your morning routine will save you time in the long run.  Try keeping a sponge nearby to remind yourself to wipe down the sink before heading out the door.

2.)  Mirror, faucets, and countertops:  Just like with your sink, wiping down these areas with a sponge after you finish your routine will help reduce the build up of makeup, hair spray, dirt, etc.

3.)  Toilet touchup:  Cleaning your toilet has got to be the most dreaded chore.  I have found that if I spray the bowl with Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bleach, let it sit, the ring and grime will disappear!  No scrubbing needed! Of course a good scrub every once in a while is still necessary!

scrubbing bubbles bleach, blog 8.24.15

4.)  Shower curtain/door:  Shower curtains are magnets for soap scum, as well as breeding grounds for mildew and bacteria.  Removing any excess water is always a great idea.  Try using a squeegee on your shower doors, and make sure you always pull your shower curtain completely shut (a scrunched shower curtain holds water in which can grow mildew).

5.)  The tub:  Just like with your shower door or curtain, the tub or floor of your shower is prone to mildew and soap scum.  Extra moisture left in the tub after you get out can cause unwanted mildew.  It is always a great idea to wipe everything down before getting out, and always use your bathroom exhaust fan!

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