5 Quick Tips for Energizing Your Home

1.  Start at the front entrance of the home.  Your front entrance should be both inviting and uncluttered.  Rocking chairs are great for the front porch because they offer movement and a welcoming feeling.  Planting flowers along the walk-way leading up to your home is also very inviting.

Blog Post 1.14.16 front porch with rocking chairs

2.  Keep your landscape in check.   Be sure plants are scaled to the size of your home.  You never want your plants and bushes to block the entrance.


Blog post 1.14.16 Windsor front exterior

3.  De-clutter your foyer.  Spend time de-cluttering the entryway of your home.  Both you and your guests will feel more relaxed with less stuff in your way.

Blog Post 1.14.16 front entrance

4.  Create a peaceful bedroom.  Soft monochromatic color schemes in grays and whites add tranquility to any room.  You want your bedroom to be your retreat, where you go to relax and unwind from your day.

Blog Post 1.14.16.jpg Bedroom

5.  Choose your colors wisely.  Paint the rooms in your home colors that support their function.  We already talked about your master bedroom and using more neutral calming colors there.  Well a room like your office should be just the opposite.  You want your office to be a place where you feel motivated and inspired.  Think bolder pieces and colors here!

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