4 Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer

Giving your home that fresh clean feeling can take time and lots of effort.  Hopefully these ideas will make it easier to fight those dirty jobs faster and less often.

1.)  Defy Dust:

You can combat dust by adjusting your homes humidity level.  Low humidity levels cause static electricity, which attracts dust, makes it stick, and is difficult to remove.   Keeping your home’s humidity between 40% and 50% will help to eliminate static and decrease dust mite growth.

Tip:  Make it easy to keep your household vents dust free.  Remove and wash them once a year with soap and water.  Once dry, apply a coat of car wax.

2.)  Keep Glass Shower Doors Crystal Clear:

You can eliminate soap scum build up by coating your shower doors with a rain repellant made for car windshields.

Glass Shower

3.)  Seal Your Stone Countertops:

Natural stone countertops, like Granite and Marble, are porous, so if they’re not sealed liquids like red wine, juice, or soy sauce can stain them.  All of our homes countertops are sealed, however, once or twice a year you should re-apply a sealer.  To see if you need a fresh coat, pour a tiny bit of water on your countertop.  If the water doesn’t bead or stay beaded for 2-3 minutes, it is time to reseal.

Counter tops

4.)  Protect Your Furniture and Carpet:

Protective furniture sprays and carpet sealants guard against spills.  Some of these products also protect fabrics from fading, and resist mold, mildew, and bacteria.  Protective sealants, like Scotchgard and Ultra-Guard, cause liquids to bead on the surface instead of being absorbed.

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