11 Easy DIY Decorating Ideas

Are you tired of the way your master bedroom looks?  Or could your family room use some sprucing up?  Here are 11 simple and inexpensive ways that you can update your home:

1.  Organize random objects using trays:  Organize items like TV remotes and other knick-knacks on a pretty decorative tray and place it on a coffee table or side table.  This will also help keep you more organized.

coffee table. Blog 4.24.15

2.  Change up your artwork displays:  Put pieces places, like above a door, in the kitchen, or bathroom, to add some freshness to your space.

kitchen stove. blog 4.24.15

3.  Don’t forget about your ceiling:  Decorative ceiling tiles can add texture to a room.  Or simply paint a ceiling a different color from the rest of the room.

Dining Room. AC 17 Stratford. 4.23.15

4.  Update your door:  Doors are part of your décor too, so why not paint one a glossy black, neutral, or even a pastel pink?

Breakfast room. Arlington

5.  Start an indoor garden:  Pot plants in an assortment of vintage ceramics and line them up on a window sill.

6.  Spray paint your old boring chairs:  Spray paint your dining room chairs black to instantly transform their look.

7.  Don’t renovate your kitchen, update your hardware:  You can easily and inexpensively change the look of your kitchen by updating your cabinet’s knobs and pulls.

cabinets. blog 4/24/15

8.  Get floral:  Flowers instantly perk up any room.

kitchen counter. Arlington

9.  Freshen up your shower curtain:  Use bows or large Lucite squares to hang your curtains.

10.  Create a place for those special family photos:  Trade out old photos with new ones.  Rearrange frames and place them in different rooms for a fresh look.

11.  Give your  bedding a quick update with monogrammed pillows:  Instead of buying all new bedding, update what you have with a set of monogrammed pillow cases in a bold color.


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