1 Kitchen 4 Ways

Customization is an important part of who we are as a home building company.  Some of our best custom options have come from our previous buyers suggestions and ideas, and truth be told our home buyers have some fantastic ideas.  All of our floor plans are great starting points.  Once you have chosen a floor plan that fits your family, we can easily customize the plan and make it your dream home.  Below is a great example of how we did just that.

This is our very popular Stratford Plan’s Kitchen shown 4 different ways:


This is our Standard Stratford Kitchen.  You get a great gathering island, lots of cabinets, and plenty of counter space!


Notice with this kitchen, the shape of the center island has changed.  This is a great option if barstools are important to you.


Here we have added our morning room off of the kitchen.  In doing so you not only add more square footage to your kitchen, but you now have a great breakfast room and lots of counter space!


Here is another morning room option.  Your island becomes more of a “U” shape and we removed the square island in the center.  This is great if you want more of an open feel.

With Niblock the possibilities are endless when building your dream home, and don’t forget a ceramic tile backsplash comes included in all of our homes!

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